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My name is Jessica and I'm 27 years old. I live in Iowa with my husband of 4 years, and two cats, Binks & Neville. We are expecting our first baby in June of this year. I'm also a full time student working towards my AA in Social Work. I hope to obtain my Master's Degree as well.

I'm an INFJ & a Gryffindor. I identify as a Type 4 on Carol Tuttle's energy profiling system (and I LOVE this system). I'm a huge nerd and one of my favorite things to do is research stuff I'm interested in. In fact I'm more likely to do research about a project than to actually DO the project.. heh!

nitty gritty
I blog a lot because it helps me deal with my anxiety and depression. I have a whole long, detailed (i.e. boring) story about how this all came about. Mostly when I blog here, it's me trying to work through what I've been thinking or discovering about myself lately. It's a safe space where I can just sort of get my thoughts out on paper and then better analyze them, which helps me handle them better and learn how to move forward.

what else?
I'm not really sure what else to put here. So.. yeah.

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